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The Nebraska Wayward, pt 001

Somewhere, a young lad Orson Swindle cowers in fear.

Somewhere, a young lad named Orson Swindle cowers in fear.

Apparently, Lil’ Red has a MySpace page. Who knew? Who’s part of Lil’ Red’s network? Well, Herbie Husker is part his group (duh!). And Zac Taylor, too.

Zac Taylor was one heck of a quarterback and I’m sure he’s one heck of a nice guy. That being said, his MySpace page is… well, it’s a mess.

Seriously, Zac: “Pimp-My-Profie” isn’t exactly a brokerage of good-taste.

But then again, neither is MySpace.*

*And yes, I’m quite aware of the hypocrisy of wordpress user slamming another page about “style.” But it is the internet and hypocrisy is one of the things that fuel the web. That and porn.