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Well, at least it isn’t that video where he’s picking his nose…

From everyone’s favorite All-American, LSUFreek.


All you know is at an end.

w t f ?!

w t f ?!

Apparently Rick Neuheisel’s pact with Satan is still in effect as gutty little Bruins edged out Tennessee in overtime.

I work with a Volunteer fan; he didn’t even know who Tennessee was opening up against. I, being a fan of all-things bad that can happen to Rick Neuheisel, cheerfully pointed out that Tennessee would be playing UCLA at Westwood. UCLA, of course, has had their off-season woes and I assured my co-worker that Tennesse should be able to walkout of LA with a win.

Yah, that pretty much shows what I know.

If this is what Norm Chow and Ricky Neuheisel can do with a thrid-string quarterback, USC had better watch-out when UCLA actually gets their first-stringers healthy.

The Nebraska Wayward, pt 002

Bo Pelini and his Cornhuskers win their first game of the 2008 season.

Pelini Maximus!

Pelini Maximus!

Consider us entertained!

Some posters over at the Huskerboard are thinking that Nebraska should be ranked. If you are also thinking that, please put down the koolaid and walk it off for a bit. Seriously.

Nebraska beat a MAC team. No disrespect to the MAC (some of my favorite coach are in the MAC), but it’s still the MAC and most Big XII teams are expected to beat teams from this confernece. Unless you’re Baylor.

Sorry, Baylor: we’ve just come to expect (heck, we anticipate!) that you’re gonna lose. In fact when people tell me that Baylor wins, it’s like I’m being setup for a punchline or something.

Not to go to far off of the tangent here, but could someone PLEASE explain to me why Baylor is in the Big XII? Why not TCU? Or Rice? Heck, why not SMU? They were crippled after the death penalty and you’d have to be watch them like a hawk to keep them on the straight and narrow, but at least the Mustangs have had a tradition for winning with National Championships to back up the claim.

Baylor? You’re just taking up room that could have gone to another team. ANY other team.

God, it sucks to be you.

And don’t EVEN get me started about Texas A&M.

USC football feels the burn. has this report from Southern California…

It’s not as serious as, say, starting quarterback Mark Sanchez’s dislocated kneecap, but the USC Trojans are suffering a new rash of injuries.

Emphasis on rash.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, as much as 25% of the team has been affected by a run of tinea cruris, known more colloquially as “jock itch.”

That’s right: jock itch. Not veneral disease, USC haters, so just stop saying that right now.

And let’s make no mistake: crotch fires are never funny. Never. Never ever. When your man-timber is alight like the Burning Man after a week of partying at Black Rock, that’s nothing to joke about.

You’ll forgive tailback Joe McKnight and wide receiver Travon Patterson if they aren’t laughing. Both were unable to practice Wednesday because of the severity of the irritation.

“It burns,” Patterson said.

Which is kind of a misquote. Patterson actually said…

IT BURNS!!11!1!!

Patterson said.

Just so as we’re clear. Sorry, guys: it sucks to be you right now.

The Nebraska Wayward, pt 001

Somewhere, a young lad Orson Swindle cowers in fear.

Somewhere, a young lad named Orson Swindle cowers in fear.

Apparently, Lil’ Red has a MySpace page. Who knew? Who’s part of Lil’ Red’s network? Well, Herbie Husker is part his group (duh!). And Zac Taylor, too.

Zac Taylor was one heck of a quarterback and I’m sure he’s one heck of a nice guy. That being said, his MySpace page is… well, it’s a mess.

Seriously, Zac: “Pimp-My-Profie” isn’t exactly a brokerage of good-taste.

But then again, neither is MySpace.*

*And yes, I’m quite aware of the hypocrisy of wordpress user slamming another page about “style.” But it is the internet and hypocrisy is one of the things that fuel the web. That and porn.

The Incredibly Intense Ron Brown.

Is it just me or does this feel like 1995 again?

Is it just me or does this feel like 1995 again?

If Husker faithful were afraid that Coach Ron Brown’s absence from the came might have dulled his competive spirit, the Life in the Red blog tells you to think again…

As Nebraska pushes through week two of preseason camp, the many visitors attending Husker practices seem to always be taken by tight ends coach Ron Brown’s aggressive and intense on-field approach to his job.

“We don’t run out of bounds at Nebraska!” he shouted toward one of his players the other day.

Awesome. Completely frickin’ awesome!

Quoteth the Brown…

“I’ve done this enough to where I know that every day is a big day,” Brown said after Monday’s practice. “I don’t skip too far ahead. I skip to the next day. But that’s as far ahead as I get. I’ve got young tight ends*, and so it’s a process that’s developmental.

“Not only one day, but one play at a time.”

You have to remember that Ron Brown isn’t here just because of Osborne is back. Bo Pelini said straight-up he’d hire Coach Brown if he became head coach. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, Bo Pelini means what he says and says what he means.

Everyone says how the defense is gonna be all fired-up this season, but don’t discount Nebraska’s offense: sounds like their gonna be laying the smack down, too.

And in case you’re wondering, he still has his ministry.

*Any jokes about Coach Brown working his “young tight ends” will make Baby Jesus cry. Seriously, guys: not cool.

Husker Fall Camp, Week One in Review.

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!"

"... to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women..!"

Week one is done and NE has the wrap-up here. This is what we know so far…

  • Practices under Head Coach Bo Pelini are more “intense and run longer”. I guess that means the “slap ‘n tickle” era of Bill Calahan is over.
  • Coach Ron Brown is officially back in form and molding the Tight Ends into an elite team of stone-cold killers (or as close to stone-cold as Brothers-in-Christ with the love of God in their hearts can get, I guess). We missed you, Coach Brown!
  • Coach Brown is loud, but apparently Coach Mike Ekeler is giving him a run for the money. I personally hope occasionally Coach Ekeler sounds like Carl Spackler because that would be awesome!
  • Ty Steinkuhler looks like he’s still having issues. Here’s hoping he gets better.
  • Strong safety Major Culbert is doing very well according to on-field reports. How well? Word is he may make colonel some time this season.
  • Adi Kunalic looks he’s on the way to becoming designated kickoff man. This kid has a leg with power that can best be described as “stupid” and had to have the ball placed on the 30-yard-line to keep it in the stadium. Kunalic has been working on ball control. He’s also been trying to keep the ball in the Earth’s atmosphere so it doesn’t burning-up on re-entry, which is always nice.
  • And what of plucky Joe Ganz, everyone’s favorite for starting quarterback? Sam McKewon says to expect a streaky passer, but that he looks far more comfortable out of the shotgun formation than Taylor or Keller ever did.
  • Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson hints that the #2 quarterback right now may be Patrick Witt. It’s reported that Zac Lee has a good arm but he’s still working on mechanics right now. Additionally, it sounds like Witt has a better grasp on the playbook. Regardless, Nebraska is bless with depth in way of quarterbacks and having a corps of competent play callers has to be a good thing.
  • Lucky or Helu? or will it be Helu or Lucky? Young Mister Quentin Castille has had a fine week, thank you very much. Again, depth is never a bad thing. And depth with good players is a very good thing.

By and large, good things from the offense.


Ty Steinkuhler not being at 100% does not bode well as the defense will need as much experience as possible, though it sounds like the Pelinis (Bo and Carl) are having quite a bit of success getting their defensive schemes across to the kids. Phillip Dillard in particular seems to really be enjoying himself right now.

Culbert is having a good camp in addition to senior Armando Murillo. According to Coach Marvin Sanders, Murillo has a good head for the game. And if Ty’s brother Baker is as talented as they say, he may well see some playing time also. Baker Steinkulher’s number is 55. Significant? Whether that’s by accident or design, I don’t know.

I just know that the college football season is around the corner and it can’t come soon enough.