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“This is the happiest day of my… OHMYGODRUN!!!

You’re young. You’re in love. You get married.

And then God throws you a curve ball and hits you with a earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale.

The kids are gonna have a wedding album like you won’t believe.


But it matters to me: Austin’s.

From the Omaha World-Herald comes this bit of sad news…

Austin’s to Dave’s

Cutchall Management is converting the remaining Austin’s Steakhouse, near 120th and L Streets, into a Famous Dave’s.

“Sales have been decent. It’s always been a profitable restaurant,” Greg Cutchall said. “But we did a demographic study, and the feedback tells us that there’s maybe five too many steakhouses in Omaha” and not enough barbecue in that area.

He said Austin’s is to close about April 28. His goal is to reopen it as a Famous Dave’s by mid-June.

Too many steakhouses? Maybe. But how many of them were good?

Look, I freakin’ loved Austin’s. Seriously. I know some people were kind of “meh” about Austin’s, but it was my favorite steakhouse. I loved their prime rib. And don’t even get me started about their corn biscuits: they were like candy!

Every time i went there, they were busy. Business had to be good. So why close it?

It’s no secret why Cutchall bought Austin’s: they bought them ostensibly because of where Austin’s was located. Ask Bruce Williams about resturants and he’ll tell you that you never want to buy on a location where a previous eatery failed. The Austin’s resturant in the Old Market made it worth the deal for Cutchall right off the bat.

So they’re gonna build a Famous Dave’s there on 120th and L Street. Makes sense because of all the new buildings going-up over there. Of course you’re thinking, “Hack, why are you hating on Famous Dave’s?” Dude, I’m not. On game day when I go out to visit the folks, I buy one of their beef “Feasts for Four” platters and we watch football all day, eat ribs and have leftovers the day after. It’s good stuff.

But I can get Famous Dave’s anywhere in Omaha. Hell, I can swing a dead cat around over my head and probably hit two of Famous Dave locations without even trying. But when Austin’s closed… well, that was it. There aren’t any more left.

And Omaha is a sadder place for it. Well, sadder than usually at any rate.

Goodbye, old friend: you will be missed.

Appalachian is Hot! Hot! HOT!

Coach Jerry Moore is popular in football circles for a couple of different reasons. In twenty years as their head coach, the Appalachian State Mountaineers have won Six Southern Confernece Championships and three NCAA Div1-AA National Championships. The National Championships were all won in three-peat style, a historic first.

All that made Coach Moore noteworthy. But this win made him famous.

Beating Michigan in their own house? Shine on, baby!

And people still want to talk about Moore as detailed here.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that Appalachian State, which pulled a shocking 34-32 upset at then-No. 5 Michigan last season, is getting calls from Big Ten schools looking for an edge over the Wolverines.

But that was last year. So why are people asking about his insights into a program that has a new head coach? Well, it turns out that he’s got the inside track on the same head coach.

The favorite topic: ASU’s spread offense, which is based on Urban Meyer’s Utah model but involves nuances that Moore’s staff learned while visiting West Virginia as guests of Coach Rich Rodriguez.

“Since Rodriguez got the Michigan job,” Moore told the Journal, “I’ve had calls from every other school in the Big Ten.”

I guess we’ll all see how well those teams took notes from Moore this fall.

It sucks to be Rick Neuheisel.

This is a couple of days old, but I thought I would mention it. You think your college foot ball team has it bad? Check this out…

Who are these guys?

They would be UCLA’s first and second string quarterbacks, both of whom where injured during spring practice. Pity poor Norm Chow. I’m sure he’ll make do, but this isn’t a very promising start.