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The dark side of NCAA mascots.

Colorado and Texas fans go on and on about their mascots, but have any or the previous Ralphies or Bevos killed for their job?

Rameses XVII, the blue-horned ram who led the UNC-Chapel Hill football team onto the field for the past five years, died Thursday of complications from a wound he suffered at the horns of his own son.

Rameses XVII was 8.

The son Pablo, 3, will take the name Rameses XVIII and succeed his slain father as Carolina mascot, keeper Rob Hogan said.

There can be only one!


Kool-aid, anyone?

This man isn’t drinking Kool-aid. He’s cutting the pre-mix up like lines of coke on a mirror and snorting it like Tony frickin’ Montana.

Nebraska Lost, Nebraska Found.

Good stuff here from SI.

Hey, look..!

It’s another blog!